The Birth of Casablanca Couture: A Look Back at Fitzgerald’s Encounter

In the early 1920s, it was so fashionable for the New York elite to appear in shoes and suits from couturiers in Casablanca that Scott Fitzgerald decided to personally verify the professionalism of the craftsmen who had emerged in the French quarter built in the Art Deco architectural style on the Atlantic coast. He sailed there in 1923 and discovered the history of two famous houses located opposite each other on the central boulevard De La Gare (today’s Mohammed V Boulevard): the Scali shoe house and the men’s fashion house… (name hidden) 😃 Fitzgerald placed orders with both Jewish families and was so impressed with the virtuosity and quality of the suits that the chic and elegance they inspired in him led him to write a famous work, which he named after the Casablanca family who made his clothes. What was the name of the men’s clothing boutique?

Именно Касабланка задала тренд в начале прошлого века  на слово Гэтсби – синоним богатства, роскоши, хорошего вкуса и процветания. Эта знаменитая еврейская семья после первой мировой войны отшивала в Касабланке всю знать Нью-Йорка, а также Парижа  и Лондона. Бутик существует под тем же именем с 1919 года, но семья Гэтсби продала бизнес ещё 40 лет назад.