The Majesty’s Hawk Guardians

In this interview, correspondent Polly Nash talks to fire fighter Cami Schafer about one of the many frightening effects of climate change; the ever-growing threat of wildfires around the world. Last year California was hit by the Dixie Fire, the largest single forest fire in the state’s history.

Moroccan Cafes: From Brazilian Blends to Gossiping Men

Moroccan cafes: a historical and cultural look at the male-dominated terraces.Observing the Street Theater: Moroccan Cafe Terraces and Their Role in Local Life.

The Rise and Fall of Busbir: A Glimpse into Casablanca’s Dark Past

The world’s largest red-light district, purposely built by the French for the sex industry, was located in Casablanca, Morocco. It existed for 24 years, during which over 20,000 women passed through this “laboratory.” This was something unheard of in Muslim society. “Prosper,” which means “prosperity” in French, was a term used to refer to the […]