Behind the Screen: The Rise and Fall of The Vox, World’s Largest Cinema

Introduction: Unveiling The Vox’s Majestic Tale Ever wondered what secrets echo behind the grand screens of the world’s most majestic cinemas? Imagine a place not just made of walls and projectors but of dreams, drama, and unparalleled grandiosity. Enter the world of The Vox, once known as the world’s largest cinema, a marvel that redefined […]

The Art Deco Fashion of Casablanca of the 1920s

Exploring the Fascinating History of the Men’s Clothing Boutique that Inspired a Famous WorkIn the early 1920s, Casablanca became the fashion destination of choice for the elite of New York City. The emerging French quarter on the Atlantic coast, built in the new art deco architecture style, was home to two famous houses located across […]

Moroccan Kilim Carpets: A Traditional Art Form

Thousands of migrants – of whom, many are children – suffer from deadly heat conditions at the US-Mexico border. As the effects of climate change worsen day by day, extreme weather conditions are causing a high risk of dehydration and death amongst migrants who try to enter the States.