Behind the Screen: The Rise and Fall of The Vox, World’s Largest Cinema

Introduction: Unveiling The Vox’s Majestic Tale Ever wondered what secrets echo behind the grand screens of the world’s most majestic cinemas? Imagine a place not just made of walls and projectors but of dreams, drama, and unparalleled grandiosity. Enter the world of The Vox, once known as the world’s largest cinema, a marvel that redefined […]

Sidi Abderrahman islet

The Sidi Abderrahman islet is a rock located a few meters off the coast of Casablanca. It houses the koubba (mausoleum) of a marabout (Islamic religious leader) named Sidi Abderrahman. The island is inhabited by several fortune-tellers who read the future in palm lines or in molten lead. Some people regularly visit the island for […]

Celebrity Apartment Guessing Game

Édith Piaf’s stay in Casablanca during World War II was one of the most important moments in her life and career. It was during her exile in Morocco, from 1943 to 1948, that she escaped Nazi occupation in France and met one of her greatest loves, boxer Marcel Cerdan. Piaf was already a promising young […]

Haunted Medina House: 40 Years of Unsolved Mystery

40 years ago, in the heart of the old Medina of Casablanca, a family lived in the same house: mother, father, three children, grandparents, aunt and daughter and mother’s cousin with their three children. One night the night before, Mom made a deal with her neighbor, living across the street, to go somewhere in the […]