Édith Piaf’s stay in Casablanca during World War II was one of the most important moments in her life and career. It was during her exile in Morocco, from 1943 to 1948, that she escaped Nazi occupation in France and met one of her greatest loves, boxer Marcel Cerdan. Piaf was already a promising young singer when she had to flee occupied France. With the help of her friends, she was able to leave the country by boat from Marseille and seek refuge in Morocco, where she found shelter in Casablanca.

During her stay in Casablanca, Piaf met many artists and celebrities, including Marcel Cerdan, who was then one of the world’s most popular boxers. The two quickly began a passionate love affair, which was interrupted by Cerdan’s tragic death in a plane crash in 1949.

Despite this hardship, Piaf continued to sing and perform in other parts of the world and she didn’t want to do it in Casablanca. She became one of the most famous French singers of all time and inspired many artists with her powerful and emotionally charged voice.

Édith Piaf’s stay in Casablanca during the war was a key moment in her life and career. It was there that she found love, comfort, and inspiration to pursue her passion for music and share her talent with the world.