40 years ago, in the heart of the old Medina of Casablanca, a family lived in the same house: mother, father, three children, grandparents, aunt and daughter and mother’s cousin with their three children. One night the night before, Mom made a deal with her neighbor, living across the street, to go somewhere in the morning for her business. The neighbor lived in the house opposite. She woke up early, prayed, packed up and went after her friend. She knocked on the door, but no one answered; then she pushed the door… the door opened. She called the neighbor again loudly, but no answer was given. She turned on the light, went up the stairs and saw the bedroom door was open…

After discovering a friend and her husband lying motionless on the bed, she could not wake them up and screaming for help, the neighbor ran to her home, called her husband and son. They called the police and went together to their neighbors’ house, where they found all the family members lying in their beds without a sign of life.

Police and an ambulance came, declared him dead. They were taken to make sure that they had not been killed, and an inquest began, but the tests also confirmed nothing – no signs of violent death were found, much to the surprise of forensic doctors, and no traces of poisoning were found.

A dark atmosphere reigned in Medina, no one understood what had happened. After their funeral, the house was locked by relatives who had come from another city. The story would have been an unsolved mystery, as just after midnight the day after the funeral, neighbors suddenly heard a noise in a locked house… with the lights off… the voice of the mother and the laughter of the aunt clearly sounded, and then steps up the stairs and the door of the closet! All the neighbors were so scared that they ran home and called the police. To the dismay of the policemen and witnesses, no one was found in the rooms of the house… That night, all of Medina was awake… the news of what had happened quickly spread.

Police officers were left to guard and watch the house all night. In the morning, forensics found no trace. But since then, every night in this house, the voices of one family member or another are heard… various noises, laughter, someone’s footsteps!

The house was tried by various religious representatives, psychics were invited, wizards, sorcerers were invited, but everyone said that it was not a creature but a demon ghost.

Ten years ago, representatives of a Hollywood film company had already agreed with the City of Casablanca to shoot the sequel Paranormal. But strange things did not stop happening when preparing the premises for the auditions. Later the idea of the film was abandoned. The French company TV5 also wanted to do a late-night report, but all of the equipment crashed and shut down, prompting the decision to shut down filming at this location.

All refused the house: relatives, city administration, religious community. Because of the things that happen every night in this house, the next-door family has moved out too. And for four decades, this haunted house has been standing with walled windows and sealed concrete doors opposite the ancient Spanish church of Buenaventura!