The Sidi Abderrahman islet is a rock located a few meters off the coast of Casablanca. It houses the koubba (mausoleum) of a marabout (Islamic religious leader) named Sidi Abderrahman. The island is inhabited by several fortune-tellers who read the future in palm lines or in molten lead. Some people regularly visit the island for love spells or to attract good luck.

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Description: About forty families live on this site, which has only recently been connected to the mainland. It has a population of 53 inhabitants.

Legend: This section may lack sufficient citation of sources (as of August 2015). Sidi Abderrahmane, a holy man from Baghdad, was shipwrecked and lived there in the 19th century.

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Pious and solitary, he loved the contact with the sea and nature. He retreated to this island to escape a world he found too cruel.

He lived on his island, praying day and night, and was so generous and helpful that a house was built for him. The holy man, preferring to sleep under the stars, refused to live in it. Since then, his house has become a welcoming place for all pilgrims.